Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2008 Volume 73, Issue 3, Pages: 369-376
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Plasmon: Two phonon interaction in PbMnTe and PbTeS alloys

Trajić Jelena, Romčević Nebojša, Romčević Maja, Nikiforov Vladimir N.

In this work far-infrared spectroscopy over a wide temperature range was used to investigate the vibration properties of Pb1-xMnxTe (x ≤ 0.12) and PbTe1-xSx (x ≤ 0.05) single crystals. In the analysis of the experimental results, a dielectric function which in advance takes into account the existence of plasmon - two phonon interaction was employed. As a result of the best fit, the three frequencies of the coupled modes were obtained and then the values for the two LO modes and the plasma frequency (ωP) were calculated. It was found that the phonons in PbTe1-xSx and Pb1-xMnxTe showed two-mode behavior (each TO-LO mode pair for the end members degenerates to an impurity mode).

Keywords: semimagnetic semiconductors, far-infrared spectroscopy, vibration properties, phonon behavior

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