Zbornik Matice srpske za prirodne nauke 2007 Issue 113, Pages: 63-70
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Growth inhibition of some Eurotium and Aspergillus species with spice extracts

Dimić Gordana R., Kocić-Tanackov Sunčica D., Karalić Dragana

The antifungal activity of spice extracts obtained from caraway seed, garlic and origanum was tested against antifungal activity of Eurotium herbariorum E. amstelodami, Aspergillus flavus and A. sydowii. Caraway seed extract has been proved to possess the highest inhibitory effect on all investigated mould species. The concentrations of caraway extract, sufficient to inhibit the growth completely were: 0,5% for E. herbariorum, E. amstelodami and A. sydowii, and 1% for A. flavus; of garlic, 1% for Eurotium spp. and 2% for A. sydowii, and of origanum, 1% for E. herbariorum and 2% for E. amstelodami. The results of colonies diameter measuring showed that garlic and origanum extracts have no significant suppressing ability on micellar growth of A. flavus, while garlic was more efficient in other test cultures.

Keywords: spice extracts, antifungal activity, moulds