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Title:Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research
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First published:1991
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Alternative title:YUJOR
Subject:information sciences, electronics & telecommunication; mathematics and computer sciences; other engineering sciences
Description:YUJOR - The Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research is an international journal dealing with all aspects of operations research, systems science, and management science. YUJOR publishes refereed papers describing significant results in the above areas whether theoretical or empirical, mathematical or descriptive. The international composition of YUJOR's Editorial Board particularly welcomes manuscripts devoted to applications involving novel ideas and relations with future information technologies. YUJOR publishes contributed papers, survey papers, tutorial expositions, and technical notes. The Journal also has pages devoted to book reviews, calendars of the forthcoming events, and other short messages about the related activities in the profesional fields.
Publisher:Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade, Economics Institute, Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade
Publisher address:Jove Ilića 154, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
Editor in chief:Prof. dr Vera Kovačević-Vujčić, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Nenad Mladenović, Mathematical Institute, SASA, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Mirko Vujošević, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia
Editorial board:Prof. dr A. S. Antipin, Moscow, Russia
Prof. dr A. V. Arutyunov, Moscow Russia
Prof. dr Jack Brimberg, Kingston, Jamaica
Prof. dr Jean Pierre Brans, Brussels, Belgium
Prof. dr Emilio Carrizosa, Sevilla, Spain
Prof. dr Dragoš Cvetković, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Mirjana Čangalović, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Goran Ćirović, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Djordje Dugošija, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Anton Eremeev, Omsk, Russia
Prof. dr Jurgen Guddat, Berlin, Germany
Prof. dr Pierre Hansen, Montreal, Canada
Prof. dr Alain Hertz, Montreal, Canada
Prof. dr Milojica Jaćimović, Podgorica, Montenegro
Prof. dr Sandor Komlosi, Pecs, Hungary
Prof. dr Y. Kochetov, Novosibirsk, Russia
Prof. dr Jakob Krarup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. dr Jozef Kratica, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Silvano Martello, Bologna, Italia
Prof. dr Milan Martić, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Gradimir Milovanović, Nis, Serbia
Prof. dr Zorica Mladenović, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Shashi Kant Mishra, Varanasi, India
Prof. dr Jose Andres Moreno-Perez, Tenerife, Spain
Prof. dr G.I. Nemhauser, Atlanta, USA
Prof. dr Endre Pap, Novi Sad, Serbia
Prof. dr Byron Papathanassiou, Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof. dr Costas Pappis, Athens, Greece
Prof. dr Vangelis Th. Paschos, Paris, France
Prof. dr Sanja Petrović, Nottingham, UK
Prof. dr Bernard Roy, Paris, France
Prof. dr Biswajit Sarkar, Kolkata Area, India
Prof. dr Angelo Sifaleras, Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof. dr Milija Suknović, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Milan Stanojević, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Dušan Starčević, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr K. Tsouros, Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof. dr Branko Urošević, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr D. de Werra, Lausanne, Switzerland
Prof. dr Dragan Urošević, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Slobodan Vujić, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Sanjo Zlobec, Montreal, Canada
Prof. dr Michael Y. Khachay, Ekatarinburg, Russia