Evidence and research perspectives for surgeons in the European Rectal Cancer Consensus Conference (EURECA-CC2)
Valentini V., Coco C., Gambacorta M.A., Barba M.C., Meldolesi E.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):9-16
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Quality assurance through outcome registration in colorectal cancer: An ECCO initiative for Europe
Van Gijn W., Van de Velde C.J.H.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):17-21
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Extended surgery and pelvic exenteration for locally advanced rectal cancer: What are the limits?
Smith J.D., Paty P.B.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):23-27
Details  Full text ( 54 KB)  DOI:10.2298/ACI1003023S
The minimally invasive approach, laparoscopic and robotic, in rectal resection for cancer: A single center experience
Popescu I., Vasilescu C., Tomulescu V., Vasile S., Sgarbura O.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):29-35
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Laparascopic colon resection for cancer: Evidence based results
Bracale U., Barone M., Perna F., Nastro P., Pignata G.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):37-40
Details  Full text ( 56 KB)  DOI:10.2298/ACI1003037B
Endoscopic treatment for early stage colorectal tumors: The comparison between EMR with small incision, simplified ESD, and ESD using the standard Flush knife and the ball tipped Flush knife
Toyonaga T., Man-i M., Chinzei R., Takada N., Iwata Y., Morita Y., Sanuki T., Yoshida M., Fujita T., Kutsumi H., Hayakumo T., Inokuchi H., Azuma T.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):41-46
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Predicting the risk and diminishing the consequences of anastomotic leakage after anterior resection for rectal cancer
Moran B.J.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):47-50
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Radiation bowel disease and its clinical implication
Salmo E.N., Haboubi N.Y.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):51-54
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Morbidity predicting factors of penetrating colon injuries
Mickevičius A., Valeikaite G., Tamelis A., Saladžinskas Ž., Svagzdys S., Pavalkis D.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):55-58
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Laparoscopic-assisted reversal of Hartmann's procedure
Achkasov S., Vorobiev G., Zhuchenko A., Rinchinov M.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):59-65
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Sacral nerve stimulation for fecal incontinence: What has been achieved: Current status
Matzel K.E.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):67-72
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From mininvasive to maxinvasive surgery in colorectal cancer: Modern evolution of oncologic specialized units
Romano G., Bianco F., Delrio P., Cremona F., Ruffolo F., Pace U., Sassaroli C., Scala D., de Franciscis S., Cardone E., Atelli P.F.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):73-75
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Ano-rectal pathologies encountered under special circumstances
Gupta P.J.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):77-82
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Supportive therapies in ano-rectal diseases: Are they really useful?
Gupta P.J.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):83-87
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The role of pelvic MRI in assessment of combined surgical and Infliximab treatment for perianal Crohn's disease
Gligorijević V., Spasić N., Bojić D., Protić M., Svorcan P., Maksimović B., Marković V., Krivokapić Z., Jojić Nj.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):89-95
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Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging and transperineal sonography in the assessment of patients presenting primarily with evacuatory difficulty: A short position paper
Zbar A.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):97-104
Details  Full text ( 68 KB)  DOI:10.2298/ACI1003097Z
Single incision laparoscopic anterior resection for cancer using a 'QuadiPort Access System®'
Bracale U., Nastro P., Bramante S., Pignata G.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):105-109
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Radical perineal prostatectomy: The first experience
Hadži-Đokić J., Pejčić T., Čolović V., Petrović M., Stamenković V., Aćimović M., Stanić M.
Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica, 2010 57(3):111-113
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