Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2008 Volume 88, Issue 2, Pages: 3-12
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Cvijic's perception of geographical position of Serbia

Grčić Mirko

Jovan Cvijić was a great geographer from the first half of 20th century. In this article, we considered the issue of position and role that Serbia has at Balkan Peninsula, in the context of Cvijić's theory about 'characteristics of integration and permeation', as well as about the opposite 'characteristics of isolation and separation'. This theory has become important in recent time through its relation with the 'center-periphery' theory. The aim of this article is to compare Cvijić's images of the position of Serbia at the first half of 20th century with present situation.

Keywords: Jovan Cvijić, Serbia, Balkans, geographical position

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