TY - JOUR TI - The effect of dietary supplementation with different forms and levels of organic chromium on broilers meat quality AU - Keleman Svetlana P. AU - Kevrešan Slavko E. AU - Supić Boriša AU - Perić Lidija AU - Strugar Vladimir JN - Acta periodica technologica PY - 2006 IS - 37 SP - 21 EP - 26 PT- Article AB- This paper deals with the effect of supplementation with the three different preparations of organic chromium complexes: the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid complex with chromium; chromium (III)­lysine and chromium picolinate, on broilers meat quality. In every preparation supplementing broilers diet chromium was present at the three different levels: 0.2; 0.4 and 0.6 mg/kg. The meat quality was monitored with respect to the following parameters: the contents of fat, protein, minerals and water. It was observed that the fat content in broilers white meat was significantly lower if their diet was supplemented with 0.4 mg/kg chromium in the form of chromium(III)­lysine. In addition, different kinds of preparations influenced the protein, fat and water content in the white meat. Water content in white and red meat was lower in all experimental groups if compared to the control. However, the protein content in white and red meat was higher in experimental groups than in the control one.