Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2004 Volume 51, Issue 1, Pages: 43-47
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The analysis of the quality of life in laryngectomized patients

Stanković P., Đukić Vojko, Janošević Ljiljana B., Arsović Nenad

Total laryngectomy, as extremely mutilating surgical intervention, results in drastic changes of the style and quality of life. The trauma of laryngectomy is huge, both to patients and their environment. The most pronounced changes of the quality of life of laryngectomized patients are seen at marital, familial, professional, business and communication aspects. Malignant disease and total laryngectomy significantly reduce working capacity, producing, besides professional, the economical difficulties. Psychological implications associated with total laryngectomy are the most severe, comprehensive ones and require multidisciplinary approach. The study analyzes the frequency and distribution of factors affecting the quality of life of laryngectomized patients (sex, age, psychic status, probable history of chronic diseases, impairment of hearing and social-family environment of patients). Significant improvement of the quality of life of laryngectomized patients is achieved by systemic, planned and multidisciplinary rehabilitation of patients as well as their immediate environment. The need for the association of laryngectomized patients is stressed.

Keywords: quality of life, laryngectomy

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