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Hemijska industrija 2008 Volume 62, Issue 3, Pages: 164-169
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Influence of activators on constitutes of diffusion layer at boronizing pressed samples from iron powder

Požega Emina D., Ivanov Svetlana Lj.

In this paper, results of experimental investigation which contributes to study of quantitative changes of porosity during chemical-thermical process, apropos boronizing of pressed samples from iron powder, with variation of boronizing mixture composition are presented. The basic mixture is modified by the addition of activators with different chemical composition and in different percentage rate (0-4 wt%). Mixtures with ammonium chloride, ammonium bifluoride and boron potassium fluoride were investigated. According to the results of the experiments it is found that the content of activators has an influence on the porosity of pressed samples from iron powder. In order to obtain better boride layers it was necessary to choose a mixture for boronizing and to determine the most useful activators and their ratio. The results of research and mathematical processing enable the choice of optimal mixture composition for boroning. .

Keywords: iron compact, boride layers, sintering, porosity

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