Archive of Oncology 2002 Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages: 281-282
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Clinical and morphological features of ovarian pure dysgerminoma: a report of a 14 years old girl

Pop-Trajković Zoran, Veljković Milena, Radović Miodrag, Katić Vuka V., Petrović Aleksandar S., Lilić Vekoslav

Dysgerminoma is best known as the ovarian counterpart of seminoma of the testis Relatively uncommon tumors, dysgerminomas account for less than 2% of all ovarian cancer. We report a case of a 14 years old girl with a large and rapidly growing unilaleral ovarian dysgerminoma. Examination of the surgical specimen showed a tumor of 27x17x8 cm in size and 4800 gr. in weight. It was oval in shape with a slightly glistening fibrous capsule, soft but solid and hemorrhagic. The mass arose from the right ovary and did not invade any surrounding structures. The tumor and the ovary were torqued with its fallopian tube. Microscopic examination showed typical characteristics of ovarian dysgerminoma, with a micrometastasis in the omentum (in the vicinity of the tumor). The patient underwent a right salpingo-oophorectomy, had an uncomplicated postoperative course and received radio and chemotherapy Thirty months after the operation, the patient is in good health and with normal ultrasound and laboratory results. We believe that conservative surgery followed by adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy seems to be ideal treatment in case of pure ovarian dysgerminoma when careful surgical staging confirmed the unilaterality of disease.

Keywords: Dysgerminoma, adolescence

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