Medicinski pregled 2010 Volume 63, Issue 3-4, Pages: 183-187
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Early axtubation in cardiac surgery

Nešković Vojislava, Milojević Predrag, Unić Dragana, Ilić Ivan, Popović Nada

Introduction An early extubation in cardiac surgery (fast track cardiac anesthesia) refers to mechanical ventilation during 1-6 hours after the intervention, the extubation criteria being the same as for any other surgery. Different protocols have been established for managing patients undergoing fast track anesthesia, with high-thoracic epidural anesthesia being increasingly used in the last few years. Material and methods Thirty-five consecutive patients scheduled for OPCAB surgery, who were planned for very fast track cardiac anesthesia (planned extubation within one hour after the end of the operation), were included in the study. Combined high-thoracic epidural and general anesthesia was performed in all patients, with bupivacain as a local anesthetic and inhalational or intravenous anesthetic used for general anesthesia. Results Thirty three of 35 patients (94.3%) were extubated early, with the mean duration of the mechanical ventilation of 56±92 minutes. Very fast track cardiac anesthesia was performed successfully in 24/35 (68,8%) patients; these patients had higher ejection fraction, lower Euroscore, shorter duration of the surgery, and fewer numbers of grafts, as compared to the patients extubated early. Euroscore was the only independent predictor of the early extubation (higher score - longer mechanical ventilation time). Discussion and conclusion Our results suggest that high-toracic epidural anesthesia enables successful early tracheal extubation in the population of patients scheduled for OPCAB cardiac surgery. We had no complications related to this type of anesthesia and very good perioperative results.

Keywords: device removal, intubation, intratracheal, myocardial revascularization, analgesia, epidural, respiration, artificial, time factors, treatment outcome, cardiac surgical procedures

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