Acta veterinaria 2011 Volume 61, Issue 2-3, Pages: 327-336
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Histopathology of subcutaneous tissue reaction to endodontic root canal sealers

Vujašković Mirjana, Karadžić B., Bacetić D.

The aim of the study was to evaluate tissue response of two root canal sealers: Endomethasone (cink oxide eugenol-based sealers) and Ketac Endo Aplicap (glass ionomer based sealers). The sealers were freshly mixed and injected into subcutaneous connective tissue of the dorsal surface of experimental animals (Wistar Furth rats). The inflammatory reaction caused by the sealers was evaluated 7, 30 and 60 days after implantation using descriptive hisopathological analysis. The tissue sections were taken from injection sites. Each incision included skin,subcutaneous connective tissue and underlying muscular tissue. All blocks were proceeded using standard histological procedures. The tissue reactions were graded as mild,moderate or severe inflammation. After the seven days both sealers showed a moderate reaction with a decreasing trend. Both materials caused mild inflammation which diminished at the end of the experimental period. The results of this study demonstrate that Ketac Endo and Endomethasone is well tolerated by subcutaneus connective tissue of experimental animals.

Keywords: biocompatibility, connective tissue, root canal sealers

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