Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2006 Volume 71, Issue 6, Pages: 695-703
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Nanofabrication of planar split ring resonators for negative refractive index metamaterials in the infrared range

Jakšić Zoran, Vasiljević-Radović Dana, Maksimović Milan, Sarajlić Milija, Đurić Zoran

Experimental nanofabrication of planar structures for one-dimensional metamaterials designed to achieve a negative effective refractive index in the mid-infrared range (5-10 micrometers) was performed. Double split ring and complementary double split ring resonators (SRR and CSRR) with square and circular geometries, were chosen to be fabricated since these are the basic building blocks to achieve a negative effective dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability. Scanning probe nanolithography with z-scanner movement was used to fabricate straight-line and curvilinear segments with a line width of 80-120 nm. The geometries were delineated in 20 nm thin silver layers sputter-deposited on a positive photoresist substrate spin-coated on polished single crystal silicon wafers, as well as on polycarbonate slabs. The morphology of the structures was characterized by atomic force microscopy. The feature repeatibility was 60-150 nm, depending on the process conditions and the feature complexity. The nanolithographic groove depth in different samples ranged from 4 nm to 80 nm.

Keywords: nanofabrication, scanning probe nanolithography, atomic force microscopy, metamaterials, negative refraction, split-ring resonators

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