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Hemijska industrija 2003 Volume 57, Issue 12, Pages: 641-644
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Fluidization control in the wurster coating process

el Mafadi Samira, Hayert Murielle, Poncelet Denis

Paniculate coating process in a fluidized bed involves different sub processes including particle wetting, spreading and also consolidation or drying of the coating applied. These sub processes are done simultaneously to particle fluidization and motion. All the parameters of fluidization are known to affect the coating quality. That is why the motion of particles in the Wurster coating process has been observed and described step by step. These observations have achieved a general understanding of phenomena which take place inside the bed during fluidization and have allowed the development of an easy method for optimizing all the parameters affecting this operation.

Keywords: Fluidization, Wurster process, Pressure drop, Particle concentration

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