Filozofija i drustvo 2008 Volume 19, Issue 3, Pages: 293-311
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The birth of Russian intelligentsia from the spirit of enlightenment: Alexander Radishchev (I)

Subotić Milan

This text is the first part of a larger study about Alexander Radishchev, one of the leading representatives of Enlightenment in Russia's XVIII Century. Analyzing Voltaire's and Diderot's relationship with Catherine II, the Empress of Russia, in the Introduction of this article, the author formulates the reasons for thematization of Russian reception of Enlightenment. Since Radishchev is considered as 'the father of Russian intelligentsia', different approaches to the meaning of the concept of 'Russian intelligentsia' are considered in the first chapter. Radishchev's biography is interpreted in the second chapter in order to facilitate the understanding of his ideas. Interpretation of his ideas, as well as of Catherina's 'enlightened absolutism', will be subject to further consideration in the second part of the study.

Keywords: Enlightenment, enlightened absolutism, Russian intelligentsia, history of ideas, social critique, serfdom

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