Archives of Biological Sciences 2010 Volume 62, Issue 2, Pages: 337-345
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In vitro shoot regeneration from seedling explants in Brassica vegetables: Red cabbage, broccoli, Savoy cabbage and cauliflower

Pavlović Suzana, Vinterhalter Branka, Mitić Nevena, Adžić S., Pavlović N., Zdravković M., Vinterhalter D.

Brassica oleracea varieties (red cabbage, broccoli, Savoy cabbage and cauliflower) were tested for their ability to regenerate shoots in vitro. Cotyledon, hypocotyl and root explants of 7 day-old seedlings were incubated on Murashige and Skoog's (MS) medium supplemented with 1 mg l-1 6-benzyladenine (BA) or 6-furfurylaminopurine (KIN) in combination with 0, 0.1, and 0.2 mg l-1 indole-3-butyric acid (IBA). Hypocotyls showed the best explants in almost all varieties tested with a minimum regeneration potential of 75% and producing 3.5-7.4 shoots per explant. The BA-supplemented media were optimal for both shoot regeneration and multiplication. Shoots rooted maximally (100%) on plant growth regulator-free MS medium containing 2% or 4% sucrose. Increased sucrose content improved plant acclimation in the greenhouse.

Keywords: Brassica oleracea, regeneration, seedling explants, cytokinins, shoot multiplication, plant acclimation

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