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Vojnosanitetski pregled 2003 Volume 60, Issue 6, Pages: 741-745
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Possibility of management of lower leg war burns with free flaps

Panajotović Ljubomir, Kozarski Jefta, Krtinić-Rapaić Snežana, Stanojević Bojan

Free flaps are used in the surgical treatment of burns for wound closure where the burn is too deep, and in case, when after necrotic tissue excision, the bones, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels remain bare. Covering of the exposed structures is commonly performed in the primary delayed, or in the secondary wound treatment. The possibilities of covering the defects of the lower leg with local flaps are limited. Free flaps are used when all the possibilities of the other reconstructive procedures have been exhausted. The defect of the soft tissue of the lower leg was covered with free flaps in the injured soldiers with deep burns, treated at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Burns, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade. In one patient the wound closing was performed immediately after excision of necrotic tissues, and in the other two in the secondary management. The application of free microvascular flaps enabled the closure of large post excision defects of the lower leg in one operation. Our experience in the treatment of these soldiers point to the possibility of coverage of the exposed deep structures with free flaps as early as possible.

Keywords: burns, surgical procedures, operative, surgical flaps, leg, military medicine

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