Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2002 Volume 49, Issue 1, Pages: 9-14
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Mesto strikturoplastike u lečenju Crohn-ove bolesti

Popović Miloš A., Petrović Milorad N., Matić Slavko, Milovanović Aleksandar P.

Crohn's disease is pandigestive disease of unknown ae-thiology, with tendency to recurrences. Until now it is impossible to heal this disease either by medical or surgical treatment. All unfavorable consequences of this disease are result of inadequate treatment of complications which are leading to systemic weakening, with further progression of morbid process. Therefore, the principle of timely and minimal invasive surgical procedure has been generally adopted. Introduced in eighties, strictureplasty is a procedure of such characteristics. During the period 1980-2001 this method was used in 1/3 of 126 patients with Crohn's disease. There were 79 strictureplaties performed, 9 long and 70 short. Out of these 42, 12(28,6%) were postoperative recurrences, and there was one case of duodenal strictureplatsty. Postoperative small bowel fistulae were not observed, and there was no mortality in this group. During the follow up period of at least 5 years, in only two cases (4,76%) some functional disturbances of digestive functions were observed, without indications for reoperation. In this article indications and details of operative technique are discussed.

Keywords: Crohn's disease, Strictureplasty

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