Computer Science and Information Systems 2008 Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages: 63-86
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Component J: A component-based programming language with dynamic reconfiguration

Seco João Costa, Silva Ricardo, Piriquito Margarida

This paper describes an evolution of the ComponentJ programming language, a component-based Java-like programming language where composition is the chosen structuring mechanism. ComponentJ constructs allow for the high-level specification of component structures, which are the basis for the definition of compound objects. In this paper we present a new language design for ComponentJ which is more flexible and also allows the dynamic reconfiguration of objects. The manipulation of components and composition operations at the programming language level allows for the compile time verification, by a type system, of safety structural properties of ComponentJ programs. This work is based on earlier fundamental results where the main concepts are presented and justified in the form of a core component calculus. .

Keywords: programming languages, dynamic reconfiguration, component oriented programming, type systems, Java