Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2011 Volume 58, Issue 2, Pages: 143-149
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Preoperative assessment and management of patient with psychiatric comorbidity

Milenović Miodrag, Kalezić Nevena, Simić Dušica, Dimitrijević Draga, Marković Dejan, Dimitrijević Ivan

This article explains the most frequent psychiatric disorders such as co-morbidity in the acute surgical treatment, along with its position and importance for the surgical procedure. Besides basic features of these disorders, epidemiology and clinical expression, this article holds the latest therapeutic approach, side effects, toxicity and drug interactions, during the surgical procedure. Frequent postoperative problems, delirium, and postoperative cognitive disorders are noted in these patients. To avoid these complications, it is recommended to use a mini-mental score examination to re-evaluate the decision and indication for high risk surgery patient.

Keywords: preoperative assessment, psychiatric diseases, comorbidity

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