Science of Sintering 2007 Volume 39, Issue 3, Pages: 301-308
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Cerium oxide based nanometric powders: synthesis and characterization

Ninić M., Bošković S., Nenadović M., Zec S., Voisavljević K., Minić D., Matović B.

Nanometric powders of solid solutions of cerium oxide were obtained by a modified glycine nitrate procedure. Solid solutions of the host compound CeO2 with one or more dopants in the lattice were synthesized. Rare earth cations (Re=Yb, Gd and Sm) were added to ceria in total concentration of x= 0.2 that was kept constant. The criterion in doping was to keep the value of lattice parameter of ceria unchanged. The lattice parameters were calculated by using the model that takes into account the existence of oxygen vacancies in the structure.

Keywords: ceria, fluorite structure, modified glycine-nitrate procedure