Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2009 Volume 36, Issue 4, Pages: 299-327
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An approach to analysis of dynamic crack growth at bimaterial interface

Nikolić R., Đoković Jelena M.

In this paper is presented the new approach to asymptotic analysis of the stress and strain fields around a crack tip that is propagating dynamically along a bimaterial interface. Through asymptotic analysis the problem is being reduced to solving the Riemann-Hilbert's problem, what yields the strain potential that is used for determination of the strain field around a crack tip. The considered field is that of a dynamically propagating crack with a speed that is between zero and shear wave speed of the less stiffer of the two materials, bound along the interface. Using the new approach in asymptotic analysis of the strain field around a tip of a dynamically propagating crack and possibilities offered by the Mathematica programming package, the results are obtained that are compared to both experimental and numerical results on the dynamic interfacial fracture known from the literature. This comparison showed that it is necessary to apply the complete expression obtained by asymptotic analysis of optical data and not only its first term as it was done in previous analyses.

Keywords: Interfacial crack, dynamic crack growth, Mathematica®

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