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Vojnosanitetski pregled 2004 Volume 61, Issue 3, Pages: 267-272
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Mortality from endometrial cancer in female population of Belgrade

Pantović Vesna R., Jarebinski Mirjana S., Pekmezović Tatjana D., Knežević Anita, Kisić Darija

Data about mortality from malignant tumors of endometrium were analyzed in the Belgrade area during the period 1975-2000. The obtained results showed that the average percentage of endometrial cancer in mortality structure from all the cancers of female population was 2.65%. During the observed 26-years period, malignant tumors of endometrium constituted 17.38% of all the tumors of gynecological localization. The standardized mortality rate in 1975 (population worldwide used as a standard) 7.06/100 000 population while in 2000 it was 1.78/100 000 population, respectively, which showed almost fourfold mortality decline during the observed period (y=4.72-0.16x). A trend of declining risk of dying from endometrial cancer was present in all the age groups. The obtained results indicated that in the observed period the average mortality rates ranged from 0.14/100 000 population in females aged up to 34 years (y=0.30-0.01x), and reached the highest value in females aged 65-74 years (14.57/100 000; y=23.43-0.66x), and 75 years of age and over (19.62/100 000; y=31.17-0.85x).

Keywords: endometrial neoplasms, mortality, age factors

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