TY - JOUR TI - Forecasting of the processing time as the base of simulation of the production system behavior in real conditions AU - Vukićević Milan JN - Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta PY - 2005 VL - IS - 92 SP - 7 EP - 13 PT- Article AB- The absence of precise information on the magnitudes that determine the behavior of the production system generates the disturbances of the system. The consequence is the low efficacy of the system and the high costs. Therefore, it is necessary to create the base for the prediction of individual magnitudes and thus enable the simulation of the production system behavior in real conditions. The information on time norms has a special significance. It is the base of planning the terms and of defining a part of direct costs. Modern approach in the identification of standard times should be established on new foundations. It should appreciate the specificities of the present moment, as well as the future tendencies in wood processing. They are the production system dynamistic, conditioned predominantly by discontinuous production, as well as by the necessity of cooperation of the production systems. In this study, the approach to the identification of standard times is original, supporting the modern tendencies in wood processing and it has an applicative character.