Archives of Biological Sciences 2003 Volume 55, Issue 3-4, Pages: 113-116
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Javorella suvodolensis, a new endogean species of ground beetles (Trechini, Carabidae, Coleoptera) from southwest Serbia

Ćurčić Srećko B., Brajković Miloje M., Ćurčić Božidar P.

A new species of endogean carabid beetles (Javorella suvodolensis n. sp) has been described from under stones, village Debelja, near Nova Varoš, Mt. Javor, southwestern Serbia. This new species is easily distinguished from all other phenetically close congeners in many important respects such as the body size, body shape, shape of head, form and size of eyes, number of ommatidia, length of antennae, shape of pronotum, shape of elytra, relative position of humeral setae, structure and form of female genitalia and the shape of the gonosternite. Javorella suvodolensis n. sp. is the first known endogean species of the genus Javorella S. B. Ćurčić, M. M. Brajković & B. P. M. Ćurčić [apart from the cavernicolous species Javorella suvoborensis (Pavićević & Popović) and Javorella javorensis Ćurčić, Brajković & Ćurčić]. This new species and its congeners belong to an old separate phyletic lineage, distinct from all other related species groups. Additionally, J. suvodolensis n. sp. is relic and endemic to the mountains of southwest Serbia.