Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection 2010 Volume 25, Issue 1, Pages: 37-40
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Soil gas mapping in the vicinity of Nikola Tesla thermo power plant disposal field

Nikolić Jugoslav L., Veselinović Nenad Č., Tollefsen Tore B., Čeliković Igor T., Kisić Dragica M., Čuknić Olivera R., Žunić Zora S.

This paper presents the results of identification of natural ionizing irradiation in the vicinity of Nikola Tesla B power plant ash disposal field. The investigations have comprised the determination of natural gas (radon and thoron) activities with a passive discriminative nuclear track detector (CR 39) in the air column of the depth of 80 cm in the soil. The determination of gamma dose rate has been given as well, including the corresponding GPS coordinates of 28 measuring points.

Keywords: radon, thoron, gamma dose rate, passive radon-thoron discriminative detector, coal power plant