Glasnik Etnografskog instituta SANU 2007 Volume 55, Issue 1, Pages: 157-170
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Ethnographic museum exposition as a function of communication process: An example of the permanent exposition in the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade

Stojanović Marko

Research about the meanings of the permanent exposition in the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade, which communication-wise points to the individual cultural projects as a function of incorporating and establishing specific viewpoints into one's own cultural system. Within developments of museum logy science, which resulted as a recent museum exposition, can be seen the ways and byways of the pre-memocentric expographic model. Three floors where the exposition was placed indicate multi-layered ideationally-conceptual syndrome, which - based on specific and inadvertent messages - point to several segments in real and symbolic space for communication between exposition's author and consumers. As a function of cultural mediators, authors present objects which represent public communication space as opposed to the objects from the private communication space. Such approach points to the functional symbolic reality of two models - proclaimed mainstream as a function of wanted model and everyday functional model of conduct. That way semantic premise is underlined, which in each community separates communication channels into mythologized stereotyped and prejudiced semantic space and realistic existence.

Keywords: museum science, exposition, communication channel, cultural mediator, artifacts, public and private cultural space

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