Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2005 Volume 21, Issue 3-4, Pages: 79-88
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Phenotypic and genetic correlation of fertility traits of Swedish landrace sows

Radojković Dragan, Petrović Milica, Mijatović Milan, Radović Ivan

The aims of this paper were: determination of correlation between fertility traits both at phenotypic and at genetic level, determination of dependency of exsamined parameters from the analysed data size as well as determination of influence of data corrections on correlations between traits. Phenotypic correlation between litter size and weight did not confirm after correction for NWP and LWW. Between NLB and NTB phenotypic correlation was complete (from rP=0.922 to rP=0.929) and statistical very significant (P<0.01). Genetic correlation among traits were in range from low (rG=0.230, NWP:TNB) to complete (rG=1.197, cNWP:NLB). So wide range for genetic correlation was consequence of analyzed data set. Statistical significance for obtained parameters were high (P<0.01).

Keywords: sows, fertility traits, phenotypic correlation, genetic correlation

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