Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2005 Volume 70, Issue 5, Pages: 713-719
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Pereparation and characterization of two types of covalently immobilized amyloglucosidase

Milosavić Nenad B., Prodanović Radivoje M., Jovanović Slobodan M., Novaković Irena, Vujčić Zoran M.

Amyloglucosidase from A. niger was covalently immobilized onto poly( GMA-co-EGDMA) by the glutaraldehyde and periodate method. The immobilization of amyloglucosidase after periodate oxidation gave a preparate with the highest specific activity reported so far on similar polymers. The obtained immobilized preparates show the same pH optimum, but a higher temperature optimum compared with the soluble enzyme. The kinetic parameters for the hydrolysis of soluble starch by free and both immobilized enzymes were determined. .

Keywords: glucoamylase, poly(GMA-co-EGDMA), immobilization, periodate, starch.

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