Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica 2009 Volume 56, Issue 4, Pages: 77-81
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Diagnosis of breast cancer in women age 40 and younger: Mammography and breast ultrasound

Milošević Z., Karapandžić-Plešinac V., Jovićević A., Vuković V., Vučićević J., Pavlović T., Borojević N.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of mortality among women aged 25 to 44 years in Serbia. The purpose of this study was to determine basic clinical and radiological features of breast cancer in young women. 93 women aged 31,0+3,5 years with breast cancer were identified. The analysis included clinical characteristics (TNM classification) and radiological features (mammography and breast ultrasound). 53,8% of the patients had locoregional disease. The mean diameter of breast cancer was 2,6+6 cm. Carcinoma in situ was found in 2,2%. Mammography was performed in 25,8% of the patients and breast ultrasound in 68,8%. The results of our study indicate that the diagnosis of breast cancer in young women is late, in the stage with palpable breast tumor and lymph node metastases. Mammography or breast ultrasound are not routinely used. The implementation of algorithms for breast cancer detection and diagnosis in young women helps in earlier detection of breast cancer and consequently improves outcomes.

Keywords: breast cancer, mammography, breast ultrasound

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