Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica 2005 Volume 52, Issue 2, Pages: 67-71
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Neoperativno lečenje preloma baze prve metakarpalne kosti - Bennettov prelom

Milošević I., Suđić V., Bumbaširević V., Lešić Aleksandar, Damjanović G., Bumbaširević Marko

Although described as early as in 1882, the fracture of the metacarpal bone basis is still a therapeutic challenge for first orthopedic surgeons. Several nonoperative and operative methods in the treatment of this fracture have been described. The goal of this paper is to analyze nontreated patients with Bennett’s fracture. A group of 50 patients of both sexes, with the fracture of the first metacarpal bone basis fractures and with the average follow-up of 9 (6-13) years, has been analyzed. After an orthopedic reposition, immobilization lasting 5 weeks was applied, followed by a physical therapy in the duration of 4 to 8 weeks. Numerically, according to Steel, both the subjective and objective state of the hand, as well as an x-ray finding, were assessed. The total hand function was excellent and good in 42 patients, satisfactory in 8, and none of the patients had unsatisfactory function of the hand. Regardless of present degenerative changes, the function of the hand was good, especially if reposition with fragment dislocation less than 2 mm was achieved.

Keywords: Bennett’s fracture, nonoperative treatment, results

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