Archives of Biological Sciences 2009 Volume 61, Issue 4, Pages: 719-722
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Esterase variation in Turkish white-toothed shrews (Crocidura): Record of a trimeric esterase

Tez C., Özcan S., Gündüz İ., Haskiliç Ş., İbiş O., Toprak G.

This study focuses on esterase variation of the genus Crocidura in Turkey. A total of 248 white-toothed shrews were analyzed by means of cellulose acetate gel electrophoresis. Liver tissue and alfa naphthyl acetate were used to investigate esterase variation in Turkish white-toothed shrews. A different esterase banding pattern was found in one Crocidura individual. This phenotype had four anodally migrated bands on cellulose acetate gel. The Crocidura individual displaying the given phenotype was identified as Crocidura suaveolens. The different esterase banding pattern observed in this study is considered to be a result of the trimeric structure of esterase in the lesser white-toothed shrew (Crocidura suaveolens).

Keywords: Crocidura suaveolens, variation, esterase, Turkey

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