Temida 2005 Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages: 3-10
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New Macedonian legislation which improves the position of the injured party

Lažetić-Bužarovska Gordana

This article deals with newly adopted provisions in the Macedonian criminal legislation, that are affecting the position and status of injured party in the criminal procedure, with special attention to alternative measures as new criminal sanctions and new opportunities for realization of compensation request on time and in effective way. As author says, with extending the grounds for submitting compensation request the legislator have introduced provisions that contribute toward improving the position of the injured party during the criminal procedure and even after its termination. Beside already strengthened position of public prosecutor, there are new provisions regarding widening of possibilities for injured party when he is in the role of subsidiary prosecutor. Having in mind European countries’ experiences regarding witness protection, Republic of Macedonia has created legislative framework for combating most difficult types of organized crime. However, practical implementation of newly adopted Law on witness protection depends a lot on successful establishment and functioning of authorities responsible for caring out witness protection Programs, providing enough financial resources and intensive and direct interstate co-operation. Hence, it is obvious that the legislative provisions are just the first step among necessary activities for accomplish witness protection programs.

Keywords: oštećeni, alternativne mere, imovinsko-pravni zahtev, zaštita svedoka, saradnik pravde, žrtva u svojstvu svedoka, Makedonija

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