Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Belgrade 2009 Volume 54, Issue 3, Pages: 205-212
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Convective drying of the root and leaves of the parsley and celery

Marković Jelena, Stojiljković Staniša, Mitić Nebojša

This paper shows the convective drying of the parsley and the celery (their roots and leaves). The root of the parsley and the celery are separately dried, and their leaves are separately dried, too. The temperature of the incoming air was 60ºC - 80ºC at both parts of the plants. The period of drying the root lasted 165 minutes, while the drying of the leaves took 75 minutes. Final results are compared in order to make the conclusion which parts of the plants are faster dried, and what are the reasons for that.

Keywords: parsley, celery, root, leaf, drying

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