Archives of Biological Sciences 2011 Volume 63, Issue 4, Pages: 933-942
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Mesenchymal stem cell properties of dental pulp cells from deciduous teeth

Nikolić N., Krstić A., Trivanović D., Mojsilović S., Kocić J., Santibanez J.F., Jovčić G., Bugarski D.

In the present study we have isolated and identified mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the exfoliated deciduous teeth dental pulp (DP-MSCs), as plastic-adherent, spindle-shaped cells with a high proliferative potential. Immunophenotype analyses revealed that DP-MSCs were positive for mesenchymal cell markers (CD90, CD44, CD105, STRO-1, vimentin and α-SMA), and negative for hematopoietic stem cell markers (CD11b, CD33, CD34, CD45, CD235a). DPMSCs were also capable of differentiating into adipogenic, chondrogenic, myogenic and osteogenic lineages, fulfilling the functional criterion for their characterization. These results demonstrate that DP-MSCs offer a valuable, readily accessible source to obtain and store adult stem cells for future use.

Keywords: Dental pulp, deciduous teeth, mesenchymal stem cells, CFU-F, growth, differentiation