Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2008 Volume 88, Issue 2, Pages: 79-93
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Structure and aims of land utilization the municipality of Knic

Vujadinović Snežana

Among developmental potentials of the municipality of Knic land is of primary significance. A survey of types and fertility land classes was presented in the paper. The structure of surfaces was analyzed according the way of utilization as well as changes that occurred due to construction of the river Gruza accumulation. Spatial differentiation of structural aims for the utilization of the whole land and agricultural one was carried out, which confirmed the physical-geographic and socio-economic heterogeneity of the area. It was pointed to numerous limiting factors of optimal exploitation of land fund (with a special review on shortening the properties). Appropriate measures and activities were also suggested.

Keywords: potential, land, cultivable surfaces, agricultural production, property