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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2005 Volume 70, Issue 1, Pages: 9-20
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Calculation of the thermodynamic properties of the Ga-Sb-Tl liquid alloys

Manasijević Dragan, Živković Dragana, Iwao Katayama, Živković Živan D.

The results of the calculation of the thermodynamic properties for liquid Ga-Sb-Tl alloys at the temperature 1073 K are presented in this paper. Initially, the most appropriate thermodynamic model for the investigated system was selected. Based on a comparison of the values calculated by different geometric models (Kohler, Muggianu, Toop, Hillert, Chou) with the existing experimental based data, asymmetric models of calculation were determined to give the best results. The asymmetric nature of the investigated ternary system was additionally confirmed by the Chou similarity coefficient concept. For these reasons, further complete thermodynamic calculations were performed according to the Hillert model in five sections of the ternary Ga-Sb-Tl system from each corner with the mole ratio of other two components being 9:1; 7:3; 5:5; 3:7 and 1:9. The obtained results include integral excess Gibbs energy dependences on composition for all the investigated sections. The calculated activity values at 1073 K for all components are given in the form of isoactivity diagrams. Comparison between the calculated and experimentally obtained gallium activities shows good agreement.

Keywords: thermodynamics of alloys, Ga-Sb-Tl system, geometric models, integral excess Gibbs energy, activities