Zbornik Matice srpske za prirodne nauke 2004 Issue 107, Pages: 55-64
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Ornithologycal impotrance of Gruža accumulation

Barjaktarov Daliborka Đ.

Damming the middle part of Gruža River, in order to supply drinking and technical water for Kragujevac District caused appearance of Gružanska accumulation. This lake fills the depression of Knićko Polje between the Gledićke Mts and Kotlenik. As the ornithofauna of accumulation lakes, both in this country and abroad, is poorly studied, this paper presents the data on the state of ornithofauna of Gružansko Lake. The lake has an important role in migration of both native and foreign bird populations, but also as a wintering area for certain species of ducks and geese, as it is situated on the assumed Morava -Vardar migration route. During the research, 78 bird species were recorded and for 25 species it was proven that they breed in the area. Most species were recorded in the zone of strong anthropogenic influence, which is understandable as before the building of the dam and the artificial lake the Knićko Polje was dominated by agricultural land, mowed meadows and orchards.

Keywords: birds migration, Gružanska accumulation, ornithofauna