Effects of osmotic and water stresses on root and shoot morphology and seed yield in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) genotypes bred for Morocco or issued from introgression with H. argophyllus T. & G.
Midaoui El M., Serieys H., Griveau Y., Benbella M., Talouizte A., Bervillé A., Kaan F.
Helia, 2003 26(38):1-15
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Identification and genetic characterization of new sources of beta- and gamma-tocopherol in sunflower germplasm
Velasco Leonardo, Fernández José-Martínez M.
Helia, 2003 26(38):17-23
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The implications of aberrant anatomical and histochemical features in the anthers of male sterile dsf-15 sunflower - Helianthus petiolaris Nutt.
Agadi B.S., Hegde R.R.
Helia, 2003 26(38):25-38
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Androgenetic response of sunflower indifferent culture environments
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Helia, 2003 26(38):39-49
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New type of cytoplasmic male sterility in sunflower
Christov Michail
Helia, 2003 26(38):51-58
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CMS-rf system for sunflower breeding
Chepurnaya Ann L., Sherstyuk Sergey V., Tikhomirov Vladimir T.
Helia, 2003 26(38):59-65
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Impact of cytoplasmic male sterile sources on seed yield and yield components in sunflower
Patil S.A., Gafoor A., Ravikumar R.L
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Genetic divergence for seed parameters in sunflower - Helianthus annuus L.
Subrahmanyam Rama S.V., Kumar Sudheer S., Ranganatha A.R.G.
Helia, 2003 26(38):73-80
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Physiological approaches to improving harvest index and productivity in sunflower
Reddy Nanja Y.A., Shaanker Uma R., Prasad T.G., Kumar Udaya M.
Helia, 2003 26(38):81-90
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A comparison between somaclonal variation and induced mutagenesis in tissue culture of sunflower line Z-8-A - Helianthus annuus L.
Encheva Julia, Tsvetkova Fota, Ivanov Peter
Helia, 2003 26(38):91-98
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Developing genetic variability in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L) by combined use of hybridization with gamma radiation or ultrasound
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Helia, 2003 26(38):99-108
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Association between field and in vitro reaction to alternaria leaf blight in sunflower genotypes
Shaik S.M., Ravikumar R.L.
Helia, 2003 26(38):109-114
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Reaction of interspecific lines to alternaria leaf and stem blight in sunflower
Shobharani T., Ravikumar R.L.
Helia, 2003 26(38):115-120
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Influence of diverse factors on the variability in auxin and gibberellin contents in helianthus annuus L.
Duca Maria, Port Angela, Rotaru T.
Helia, 2003 26(38):121-126
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Origin of the argentine sunflower varieties
de Romano Bertero Amelia, Vázquez Norberto Arnaldo
Helia, 2003 26(38):127-136
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Up-to-date results on biochemical genetics of sunflower in vniimk
Demurin Yakov
Helia, 2003 26(38):137-141
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Seed yield, test weight and oil content in sunflower enotypes as influenced by various pollination methods and seasons
Sumangala S., Giriraj G.
Helia, 2003 26(38):143-148
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Yield response of sunflower to water stress under tekirdag conditions
Erdem Tolga, Delibas Lokman
Helia, 2003 26(38):149-157
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Effects of seasonal variations on oil and fatty acid profile of sunflower
Fayyaz-ul-Hasan, Ahmad Ashfaq Rana
Helia, 2003 26(38):159-165
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