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Medicinski pregled 2004 Volume 57, Issue 3-4, Pages: 111-115
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Effects of hyperthyroidism on bone mass in women of reproductive age

Ilić Jana, Kovačev Branka, Todorović-Đilas Ljiljana R.

Introduction Hyperthyroidism is one of the most frequent endocrinopathies in women of reproductive age. Consequently, increased risk of osteoporosis may be expected. Material and methods The research has included a group of 30 hyperthyroid women and a control group of 30 healthy women of reproductive age. Age and some clinical characteristics were analyzed, as well as some anthropometric parameters. Bone mass parameters were determined by measuring bone mineral density using ultrasound devices (SAHARA-Hologic). Results Bone mass parameters in hyperthyroid women are significantly lower than in controls (BUA: 63.25±12.17; 69.73±10.02 dB/MHz respectively; SOS:1523.90± 24.47; 1540.19±26.59 m/s respec. QUI/STIFF 79.78±13.95; 89.09±13.99 % respec.) Duration of hyperthyroidism affects bone density and reduces it. Discussion Obtained results were expected, having in mind that hyper- thyroidism is a condition characterized by increased bone catabolic rate. Also, negative correlation between the duration of hyperthyroidism and bone mass parameters (BUA, SOS) was expected, because it is logical that consolidation of bone mass in adult life cannot be maintained in circumstances in which metabolic rate is increased. During hyperthyroidism, bone loss is expected. In order to confirm this, future studies of bone markers are necessary. Conclusion Based on results obtained in the study, the following conclusions were made: hyperthyroidism is accompanied by decreased values of bone mass parameters; this effect depends on duration of hyperthyroidism. We confirmed that hyperthyroidism may be the cause of decrease in bone mass, particularly if it lasts more than a year. To prevent osteoporosis in women of reproductive age with hyperthyroidism and involution osteoporosis later in life, early diagnosis and effective therapy of hyperthyroidism is imperative.

Keywords: hyperthyroidism, reproduction, women's health, bone density, osteoporosis

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