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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2011 Volume 76, Issue 7, Pages: 987-994
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Volatile constituents of selected Parmeliaceae lichens

Stojanović Igor Ž., Radulović Niko S., Mitrović Tatjana Lj., Stamenković Slaviša M., Stojanović Gordana S.

The acetone soluble fraction of the methanol extracts of Parmeliaceae lichens: Hypogymnia physodes, Evernia prunastri and Parmelia sulcata, growing on the same host tree (Prunus domestica) and at the same locality was analyzed for the first time by GC and GC-MS. The major identified components were olivetol (33.5 % of the H. physodes extract), atraric acid (30.1 % and 30.3 % of the E. prunastri and P. sulcata extracts, respectively), orcinol (25.0 % of the E. prunastri extract), vitamin E (24.7 % of the P. sulcata extract) and olivetonide (15.7 % of the H. physodes extract). Even though all the identified compounds are known, a number of them were found for the first time in the examined lichens, i.e., orcinol monomethylether (H. physodes), orcinol, atranol, lichesterol, ergosterol (H. physodes and P. sulcata), methyl haematomate, atraric acid, olivetol, vitamin E (H. physodes and P. sulcata) and β-sitosterol (P. sulcata).

Keywords: Hypogymnia physodes, Evernia prunastri, Parmelia sulcata, volatile constituents