Archives of Biological Sciences 2007 Volume 59, Issue 4, Pages: 369-381
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Morpho-anatomical differentiation of the Balkan endemic species Teucrium arduini L. (Lamiaceae)

Lakušić Branislava, Lakušić D., Slavkovska Violeta, Stevanović V., Stevanović Branka

Teucrium arduini L. is an endemic of the Mediteranean to sub-Mediterranean part of the Western Balkans. The ecological plasticity, i.e., inter-population differentiation, of the species Teucrium arduini was analyzed on the basis of morpho-anatomical variability of six populations from different types of vegetation, i.e., of rocky crevices, rocky ground, and a thermophilous forest in the eu-Mediterranean, sub-Mediterranean, and transitional sub-Mediterranean-Central-European climate zones. Univariant statistic analysis included 22 quantitative characters related to leaf and stem anatomy and morphology. In order to establish the variability and significance of morpho-anatomical differentiation, principal component analyses (PCA), multivariant analyses of variances (MANOVA), and discriminant components analysis (DCA) were done. The analyses of plants from these spatially separated populations confirmed that the species T. arduini belongs to the category of xerophytes with malacophyllous leaves.

Keywords: Lamiaceae, Teucrium arduini, endemic species, leaf anatomy, stem anatomy, Balkan Peninsula