Facta universitatis - series: Electronics and Energetics 2002 Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages: 81-92
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A novel data writing method in a 1T2C-type ferroelectric memory

Ishiwara Hiroshi, Yamamoto Shuu'ichirou

A concept of a 1T2C-type ferroelectric memory, which has such excellent features as non-volatile data storage, non-destructive data read-out, and long data retention, is ffrst introduced and it is described that in each cell of this memory two ferroelectric capacitors are connected to the gate electrode of a MOSFET. Then, the basic operation of this memory is experimentally demonstrated and a novel data writing method is proposed which has such an advantage that the ferroelectric capacitors with the same area are well polarized, even if the gate capacitance is relatively large. A cell structure suitable for this writing method is also proposed, which has another advantage that the cell array can easily be fabricated. SPICE simulation shows that stable operation of this cell can be expected when the device parameters are optimized.

Keywords: Ferroelectric random access memory, non-destructive read-out, retention characteristics, data disturb, FET-type FeRAM

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