Comparative evaluation of spark plasma (SPS), microwave (MWS),two stage sintering (TSS) and conventional sintering (CRH) on the densification and micro structural evolution of fully stabilized zirconia ceramics
Rajeswari K., Hareesh U.S., Subasri R., Chakravarty Dibyendu, Johnson R.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):259-267
Details  Cross Ref cited by(3)  Full text ( 514 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOS1003259R
Effect of recycling blast furnace flue dust as pellets on the sintering performance
El-Hussiny N.A., Shalabi M.E.H.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):269-281
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Synthesis of composite AlN-AlON-Al2O3 powders and ceramics prepared by high-pressure sintering
Vlasova M., Kakazey N., Rosales I., Krushinskaya L., Bykov A., Tomila T., Voitsehovskaya E., Vinokurov V.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):283-295
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Threshold conversion for field emission scanning electron micrograph of glass-alumina composites in determining the activated interfaces
Yu C.L., Hao X., Jiang H.T., Wang L.L.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):297-305
Details  Full text ( 764 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOS1003297Y
An overview of the effects of thermal processing on bioactive glasses
Bellucci D., Cannillo V., Sola A.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):307-320
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Effect of cobalt oxide on the sintering and grain growth of Al2O3-YAG composite nanopowder
Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi S.A., Taheri-Nassaj E.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):321-328
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Effect of B2O3 and P2O5 on fluorosilicic mica glass-ceramic sintering process
Wu S., Lv X., Zhang M., Chen Y.J., Zhao R.N.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):329-335
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Effect of sintering time on the microstructure and properties of inorganic polyphosphate bioceramics
Wang Q.B., Wang Q.G., Wan C.X.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):337-343
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The effect of CaCO3 addition on the crystallization behavior of ZnO crystal glaze fired at different gloss firing and crystallization temperatures
Jamaludin A.R., Kasim S.R., Ahmad Z.A.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):345-355
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On the application of Laplace pressure in the science of sintering
Lisovsky A.F.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):357-362
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Densification, microstructure and properties of supersolidus liquid phase sintered 6711Al-SiC metal matrix composites
Padmavathi C., Upadhyaya Anish
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):363-382
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Glass-ceramics obtained by the crystallization of basalt
Cocić M., Logar M., Matović B., Poharc-Logar V.
Science of Sintering, 2010 42(3):383-388
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