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Vojnosanitetski pregled 2004 Volume 61, Issue 1, Pages: 77-81
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Fasciocutaneous flaps in the management of soft-tissue defects of the lower leg caused by explosive weapons

Petković Aleksandar, Trenkić Srbobran, Stevanović Goran R., Rančić Zoran S., Golubović Zoran, Dinić Miodrag, Krasić Dragan

The use of fasciocutaneous flaps for the reconstruction of lower leg soft-tissue defects inflicted during the bombing of our country is presented in this case report. The experience with 9 patients with soft-tissue defects of the lower leg is presented with the aim of examining the possibilities of war-wound reconstruction. The results of the earlier use of fasciocutaneous flaps in the lower leg reconstruction as well as the those obtained during the reconstruction of the lower leg soft-tissue defects in war wounds was proven to be safe and reliable method of the reconstructions of severe lower leg injuries, particularly of its distal segment and the malleolus region.

Keywords: leg injuries, leg, surgical flaps, reconstructive surgical procedures, military medicine, war

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