Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2004 Volume 20, Issue 1-2, Pages: 75-80
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Dressing percentage of meat from crosses of Pirot pramenka and merino landshaf breed as indicator of meat production

Žujović Miroslav, Josipović Slavko, Tomić Zorica P., Pavlovski Zlatica, Lukić Miloš, Pavlović Ivan, Ivanović Snežana

Investigations were performed on lambs raised in cooperative farms and farm of ZZ STOČAR in Dimitrovgrad, immediately after the pasture fattening on Stara Planina Mountain in duration of 150 days. By random selection, 30 lambs of each sex were selected from male and female herds consisting of 300 and 200 lambs, respectively, in the second week of October, and were used for investigation of the dressing percentage. Fattening period lasted 240 days. The loss of live weight in transport to slaughterhouse was 8.24% in case of male lambs, and 8.33% in case of female lambs. Average body mass of male lambs was 32.07kg, and female lambs 27.70kg. Dressing percentage of carcasses from male lambs was 48.18, and of females 48.15%. With high quality nutrition the mass of carcasses and dressing percentage in improved Pirot Pramenka breed are noticeable increased. Dressing percentage of meat from lambs of improved Pirot Pramenka breed fattened on pasture can considerably be increased in relation to previous results obtained from non-fattened lambs. This fact indicates that the fattening is the best way to provide higher quantities of meat also of improved quality from lambs of Domestic Pramenka breed. It should also be pointed out that dressing percentage determined for lambs of improved Pirot Pramenka breed doesn't fully satisfy standards, however, the improvement can be achieved by modernization of the fattening technology and improved conditions of nutrition and care. This type of fattening complies with the standards of EU as ecologically produced food, that is meat.

Keywords: lamb, Pirot Pramenka breed, body mass, dressing percentage, carcasses

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