Sustainable development: Implementing utopia?
Kos Drago
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):7-20
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Anthropocentrism: Existence against essence
Vukićević Slobodan
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):21-36
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Nanotechnologies and global survival
Mitrović Veselin
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):37-54
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Urban social sustainability: A concept analysis
Mirkov Anđelka
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):55-70
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Importance of strengthening of the democratic and political capacity in environmental policy of Serbia
Nadić Darko
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):71-86
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Preconditions for new environmental governance in Serbia
Petrović Mina
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):87-104
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Local, glocal, entrepreneurial and socio-ecological aspects of the contemporary city
Vujović Sreten
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):105-122
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Dispersed settlement in detached houses: Attitudes over the residential space consumption in Slovenia
Hočevar Marjan
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):123-152
Details  Full text ( 593 KB)  DOI:10.2298/SOC1201123H
The way of perceiving ecological problems by citizens of Vojvodina: Presentation of empirical research
Pušić Ljubinko, Pajvančić-Cizelj Ana
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):153-168
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Rural landscape and preservation of natural environment: Opinions and attitudes of examinees resident within Krka river basin
Pilić Šime, Buzov Ivanka, Bandalović Gorana
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):169-184
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Emotions and social movements: The case of the animal rights and welfare movement in Serbia
Vukelić Jelisaveta
Sociologija, 2012 54(1):185-204
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