Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2005 Volume 52, Issue 1, Pages: 115-116
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Phlebodia (diosmine): A role in the management of bleeding nonprolapsed hemorrhoids

Kecmanović D., Pavlov M., Ćeranić M., Šepetkovski A., Kovačević P., Stamenković A.

The aim of this study is to describe a role of diosmine in the management of bleeding nonprolapsed hemorrhoids. From November 2003 to January 2004, 60 patients were treated with Phlebodia (diosmine). Total colonoscopy was performed at the discretion of the authors according to the age, symptoms and genetic factors of the patient. Patients were treated with Phlebodia (diosmine, 3x1, 5 days) and in addition a bulk agent (3,26 g plantago ovata sachet, twice daily, for the period of next three months). Hemorrhoidal bleeding stopped after 3,2 days. Diosmine, used with fiber supplements, rapidly and safely stops bleeding from nonprolapsed hemorrhoids.

Keywords: diosmine, nonprolapsed bleeding hemorrhoids, plantago ovata

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