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Medicinski pregled 2005 Volume 58, Issue 5-6, Pages: 296-300
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Effects of estro-progestagens on lipid and hormonal profiles in women with premature primary ovarian failure

Ivanišević Maja, Vujović Svetlana, Drezgić Milka J.

Introduction Premature primary ovarian failure (PPOF) is defined as cessation of menstruation before the age of 40, Women with PPOF have hypergonadotropic amenorrhea and hypoestrogenia. The incidence of PPOF is 0.9-3%, and its etiology is midtifactorial (genetic, enzyme deficit, virus infections, autoimmune diseases and idiopathic). PPOF is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Untreated women are at higher risk for coronary disease, due to increase of total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and decrease of HDL. The aim of this investigation was to study effects of estro-progestagens on lipid and hormonal profiles in PPOF.: Material and methods. This study included: 30 healthy women aged 41 ±2.3 years; body mass index 25±3.2 kg; hip/waist ratio 0.76±0.04; amenorrheic for three years on average. Blood samples were taken for glycemia, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, FSH, LH, prolactin, estradiol, and progesterone measurement at 8 am, before and during the therapy with Trisequens. Hormone analysis: radioimmunoassay (PJA) (INEP, Zemun). Statistics: T-test and linear correlation. Results. Total cholesterol, HDL and LDL have decreased, while prolactin, estradiol and progesterone have increased significantly. Discussion. Women receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have reported reduced mortality and morbidity (30% to 50%) and risk for coronary diseases (61%). Neither has Gaspard's study, nor has ours, found changes in concentrations of triglycerides due to higher synthesis of insulin and higher insulin sensitivity. However, 19-nortestosterone, in some studies, decreases HDL significantly. In our study, the decrease of HDL was not significant, because subjects were younger, with normal BMI. Women with PPOF have to start hormone therapy immediately, in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, depression, etc. and to improve their quality of life. .

Keywords: ovarian failure, premature + therapy, estrogens, estrogen replacement therapy, lipids, cardiovascular diseases

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