TY - JOUR TI - Future directions in sintering research AU - Upadhyaya G.S. JN - Science of Sintering PY - 2011 VL - 43 IS - 1 SP - 3 EP - 8 PT- Article AB- From time to time, the gap between sintering science and technology is being attempted to be bridged, but there are still a number of unresolved issues in sintering. So far, only thermal energy was considered for accomplishing sintering of a powder compact. However, other sources of energy may be treated exclusively or in combination with others to achieve densification. The main goal is to tailor the material properties during sintering through microstructural modifications. But in doing so, the very chemical nature of the material subjected to sintering needs to be considered. It is at this stage that the role of electronic structure comes into picture. The present paper reviews this aspect and proposes how the studies on nano-crystalline materials are able to validate the very basic electronic processes occurring during sintering.