Archive of Oncology 2002 Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages: 119-122
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Breast cancer susceptibility genes: Options for those carrying BRCA1 mutations

Branković-Magić Mirjana, Janković Radmila, Radulović Siniša S.

The discovery of the association between breast and ovarian cancer and the BRCA genes and the development of methods for genetic testing made it possible to screen women for genetic predisposition to develop hereditary breast cancer (HBC). Parallelly, prevention strategies, including clinical surgical and medical interventions become available in order to reduce cancer risk. In a meantime, we became aware of limitations of genetic testing from the aspect of BRCA gene penetrance, negative result interpretation etc. All of these, together with data that invasive prevention strategies such as prophylactic surgery demonstrate better results in risk reduction than regimens including self and clinical-examination, face BRCA mutation carriers with difficult choice for risk reduction options. Therefore, the patients at high risk of HBC can best make informed decisions when guided by a multidisciplinary genetic counseling team.

Keywords: breast neoplasms, genetic techniques, genes brca1, mutation

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